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tv   FOX 45 Late Edition  CW  May 26, 2010 12:30am-1:00am EDT

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and click on the share button low the prep player video. here is jennifer gilbert and edition".d with the "late >> he is no sleeping night. he is scared to go to school the next morning. >> bullied at schoo. the dastic ste one mothe took to try to keep her son >> ad rotc inssructo accused unexpected place where policee sayyit happed and how they were tippeddoff. >> savingmoney on cell phones. thtwo companies offering special deals. and who qualifies to go them.ú >> and taking a shot in the eye. why some peoole are doing it, and the reason ittis so dangerous. >> live in high definition, frm wbff tv in baltimore, this is x 45 news "late dition". >> hello again, i am jenniferr3 gilberr. >> and i am jeff barnd. more claims of blying in a baltimore county school. the latest on a story you saw
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fit on fox. >> crime and justice reporterr3 joy lepo tells us one mother was willing to bre the law to keep her kid safe. joy? >> 15yearlddspruill is like most teenagers, but his mom sai3 whilattending schoolat franklin middle school he became a tart for classroom bullies. it first started ith name calling ad adverttsing. soon however his mom said the verbal attaccs turned physical. when he reached the breaking poinhis mom aid he was suspended for merely proteting himself. >> she told me she was awre of the fact that theids were saying my kids haa ads and herpes. t she told me you know, kids are kids. %-this is the thing she was givg at first. so i kept telling her, they are starting to t him. put their hands him. >> to protect her son from being bullied kimberly went as far as lying on his school application district. in a newschool baltimore county school system did not wt talk about bullng to us today.ú%after a lad
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yesterday surrounding the issue of bllling. joy lepola, fox 455news "late edition"" >> howard county highschool teacher arrested and accused of hhving sex with a student. and poliie sait happened in a classroom. keith daniels liven howard were tipped off.investigato keith? >>well jennifee howard county pplice are callinghe case very upsetting. and primarily because they say %-school.ned insidof the and n police arrested charles ray moore las night. the 51-year-old rotc inntructor has wwrd at athalton high school in columbia for about five years. detectives say moore had sex with a 17-year-old female student inside of classroom closet after school, on two days earliir this month. alerted police. the motr disturbing news delivered to parents at the school, about the ú%her.
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when we are notthere. you know, knowing that you trust yoor kids to thaa. and they are having sex withú%t. you know it is upsetting. >> well tonight, moore is free on bond. ú%anwhile, school officials have suspended him with pay, pending -he outcome o the investigation. ww're live in howard county police headqrters. keith daniels, fox 45 ews "late edition". >> okay keith. the school bus driver is facing federal charges oight for allegedly making chld orn. 27-year-old scott smallwood has been a bus driver in pg county since 005. he is accused of videetaping sex acts wh a 7-year-old boyon his cell phone. >> i thought ty wereedoing background checks? anybody that is a counny employeethey do baakground checks on them. so my guess or thought would be how did he slip through? background checks. it des do smallwood was caght after a %-the memory card for hii cell phone and turned it over
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immediately to authorities. >> baltimore city olice aree3 investigating a death in east baltimore. amn was found dead inside of a home on north bradford avenue at 4:45 tti afternoon. no word on how he died. a polic hase before school begins innsutheast baltimore early this morning. med robbery suspects ran from police and in to patrsonpark behind theigh scool. fore the chase stated the suspect's get way car crashed into a pole. two suspects caught by k-9's. whennstudents came to school they were kept awy so poe made sure there were no weapon left on propert >> i heard police cars ad neighborhood and i looked out and saw them running around. >> no weapons wereefound. lady of fatamus schoolwas on >> 600 baltimore city jobs could be k he latest threat as the %-city union leaders e urgingú% bottle taxo support a 4-cent
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they say ittwould help to rais more than $10 million a year. union leaders say ifthecounc approves a series of other tax hikes, it might save hundreds of jobs. >> the city council will alway public safety. to ell out the ops and tte firefighters. but will th jump over the wall to help these city workers lik sanitation? water and wwste water. they are pubbic safetytoo. >> jack young said evennif all thtaxxhikes are approved, up to 250 city workers coul still be laid off. >> neay $4 million up for grs tonight to help area governments romp from december snowtorms bbfore christmas. much of the region was buried under 20 iches of snow that fe has commitd nearly $4 million to be divided among ssate and local governments. as weel as non-profit grups. essex businessman caght p
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in a dispute over a sgn supportg bob ehrlichforú governor. the owner of all bright's mechanical services was odered to reove the 32 squaae foot sign on tte side of his building, county officials say the signviolated county code. because ehrlich was not yet an official candidatefor office. >>as many signs as you see in thh area, the ehrlich signs and things likk th i thought it was rdiculous.3 >>well, the statemt was released today y the county. code enforcement dismissed the citaon after consultg with the countyattorney' office that determined that tte county ould not enforce poliial sign egulations bsed any definition of candidatt. >> sewage spi closes a sverna park creek. sewage began to overflow latw night at a pumping station at mcken key and route wo. cypress creek closed. residents are tld to avoid direct contact with the wat. power failur apparently caused the problem. more than 100,000 gallons of sewageay have already leaked.
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>> >> virgin mobile launches free cell phone service inmayland. prides a free ssope 200 free monthly minutes to qualifying low income residents. minuteallowance pay aa 10 cts a minute after that. the funding comes from a federaú subsidy from the ffc. >> l-mart is cutting the priie for the latess i-phone model in half. the deal requires that the phone be purchased with atwwyear contract from at&t. >> the fda investigates the serious side effects linkedto tylenol products. sources close to the investigation say th are looking into seven deaths in 703 cases of so-calledadverse reactions. l reported aftee a recall this childrenersin of tylenol,
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motrinand benadryl. the medicines were linked to a mcneil faciliiy with qulity and safety coocerns. pediatricians ornization wants the fda to require warning label os fods that areknown choking hazards. peanut raw carrots and popcorn mo hot dogs have warnings. but thhy want it requireon ll the food products. >> natural resources police wll step up patrols on waerways this holiday weekend. police encourage all boaterstoú but they are amust for children unr 13. almost everyone killed last year in boating acidents were ot wearing life vests. >>well, a lot ofeople will ink about getting out on the war after a day lie today. >> beautiful today. >>eah it will warm up. actually heat up quite a bit. temperatur in the 90s over the next couple of days. lower 90s. and hen continue to see that moisture there aswell. humidity levels up therr. so i wll feel muggy as we go
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throh the next 24 to 4 hours. hd satellite shows breaks in the clouds out there. almo a full moon. few clouds gatheringthrough the overnight. and patchy fog. so be prepared for that. looks like we do have no precipitation to talkabout. but zooming out the pture here. there is a storm down there off e coast of the carolinas. spinning in a bt of acloud cor moisture tt has been affecting us her sittiig at 73 in baltimoree 71 in haiger town. 68 in hhrrisburg, oer thebay, in dover looking at 62 degrees so looks like we will see things heat up through the day tomorrow. start out with suushine. clouds gatherninafternoon. chance for pop up showers and thunderstorms. and 81 degrees by lunch me. temperatures ushing 90ly tomorrow fernoon. around and the memorial day foreca coming up. >> getting drunk by pouring vodka nto your eye alll.
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why it proves such unique hig and he severe health risks of trying it. >> gulf oil spill growing more coming up, the latest
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>> images from a live video feed of the gulf oil spi rovide w evince that tis situatiin is growing more serrouu with
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each passing hour. two scntists say the color oo has gotten he pipe and now the video on the left is frrm two weeks ago. now bp is don playing the change calllngit natural fllctuation.ú nowngineers with bp are eparing for toorros scheduled attempt to try to plug the blown ou well. majogarrett has more on the political fallout from the oil spill. >>n event tocelebrate small bunnss ahievement president obama hailed his effts on belf of smothered oil >> from the beginning of thh disaster, aba has act quickly to assist fishermen and sma >> that may true but discuss the spill. >> the presint retl barked quote just plug the dam hole unquote at a meeting on the spill.
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>> he is frustration straysed. >> with anger building mr. obama ll travel to the region riday for the second time unlike the controversy from the shore. coast guard alan retired today. he will however, remain nationaa incident command of the. long time because of the natural resource damage assessment and clean up going on. >> new coast guard leader comparedit tesprint relay race. >> i had to get up o speed to be ready to ake the baton, ithkm worried therr may be oil onthe baton. >> bill nelson cald the federal rrsponse weak d said the military needed to ake control. >> top white house officials sa. up and ecisions about shuttingn the federal government.hrough >> and yet bp is still defying a federal order to use less toxii
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diersants because of second environmental damage. >> we ccn minmize the toxicity and amount being used obviously will do that. giant intendto shut down theoilú liie videofeed of the oil spi during the effort to plug it torrow wt mud and sludge. top kill is what it is cald. it is a tet of power.3 >> our strong senments are conveyedad look, i think, this will end with the public having -- be resolved anddwit the public havinggthe rightto information. >> bp said no final decision made about whether to keep the live feed up and running uuing the effort to plug the leak. an effort it has 60 to 70 percent chance of succeeding. but the whit house burned before by bp failures will mke no predictions but hopeshis time it works. at the white house. major garrett. fox news. >> adding to fustration and criticismf the obama administration, an inspector general rport,found that saff
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membs at a agency that versee offshore drillin accepted gifts from oil and gas companies. the report cites a variett of regulations and ehics rules at the louisiana office. so has the obam administration done eeough to stop the oil leak in the guuf? so far 35 percent say yes. and 65 perce say no. and bill writ on facebook. i think, 36 days and millions of gallons of oil, later, gives you but anthonn writes, here we g trying to blame the obama administration. blame the people that caused it. >> meantime, some ouisiana fishermen helping in the spill cleaup efforts are gtting sick. -heyre reporting cases of debilitating headaches, burning eyesnd nausea. industry and public officials are picking theffnger at chemical dispersants as the cause. %->> an effort is under way in washington to get rid of the u.s..military "don't ask, don't
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tell" policy. repeal of the law would be contgent on a review of how the policy change will impact the military. lead author of the legislation is optimistic it will pass despite opposition from republicans. but critics claim the issue should note considered in congress until t review i complete. >> i don't know why we're jumping the gun here, and tking a vote on this now.ú when we all agree at one point notoo long ago we would ha a review panel look at thiss >> house expected to take up the repeal later this week. vote couhappen as ssonnas >> well it was a beautiful day once the rain was out of here this morning. duringhe weekkann allbetter imporrant memori day weekend. to go chief meteorologist vas reid with the latest. yeah it looks liie we ill e things warm up. -arm day onc the sun came out this afternoon. earlier today. right now 64 degrees. mostly car kies. we have almosta full moonout there. by tomorrownd next day here, we will be atful moon. calm inds. humidity levels 87 percent.
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so you can see themoiure is in the air. ú% in btimore. lookin at 71 in d.c. d 62 in salisbury. then 71 up in agerstn. sohe temperatures are already on the mild side. we hve a slight southerly flow oo the air. thht's an indication of the temperatures going up. and it looks like we will definitely see the warmer air building iout of the outh throh the next couple of days here. we hav seen the temperatures in the mid to upper 80s ad 90 over parts of the midwest. but have a flow coming in from the atlantic. and into theorth oo uscoming from canada. so we have a little switch radio going n frommnew england to the mmd-atlantic. so ware getting the warmer side of things and it lookk lke outempeeatures definitely will be oo the jump as we go nto tomorrow. you can see that he moture will mainly be south. but by the afternoon we will start out with sunshine. and afterroon, daily heting creates thunderstorm activity. around noon, 1:00, maybe a pop-up shower or thunderstorm. then clear up buy for the evening hours. and hursdaa afternoon, again, pop-up shower or thundersto occurs. so, i thnk, keep umbrella nearby but se sunass over the
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next couple offdays. tonight lookin at 65 degrees. mainly clear skies. a chance for morning ffg developing. and we will see the burn off through theid-morning hours. tomorrow sunshine wit a chance for scattered owers ad thunderstorms. 89 to91 degrees. it looks like we will possibly tip into the 90s tomorrow. low 90s. so be prepared for that. and then yourive-day forecast show93 for thursday. a 20 percen chance for pop-up shower or hunderstorm. friday 75 degrees. we see cool down abit. and weill see a chance for the showers and thunderstorms as a cold front pushes through. 75 f saaurday, enty of3 sunshine. 82 o sunday. and if you are headinn outto ocean city, a lt of people going to the beach. this is the memorial day weekend forecaat. saturday, sunday, monday, out at ocean city. 40 percent chance for apop-up shower on satday, sunday plenty of sunshine. moay plenty of sunshine. with temperatures in the mid 70s. so it oks like a fbulous -oing. just be safe out there and enjoy and warmth.
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w# >>well, this sounds too bizarre to be rue. it turns out students are getting dnk by pouring vodka into their ey balls. >> get this. dozens of home videosshowing whats called vodka eye ballin by mensa members, caung a lot beeved by pourin vodka in ur eye it will enter your system quicker. also cause permanent damage. an >> iave never done that on purpose. nce the ravens advvnce to te superbowl in 2014 take your parka, and longjoh, nfl has approved the first cold weather
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nodome supeebowl.3 the newwmeadowlands stdium in new jersey will play host. this week the ravens in the midst of the third mini camp of the spring and seemm fullback has achieved a cetain amount of notoriety. as you have heard, mccla, rusher in 2008 wants to carry the ball more. and he is startinga twitter campaign looking for support. it hasn't escaped the teaamatee th are getting mileage out of it on the praccice field. it makes fr nice loose workouts and john harbaugh said he understas and supports what mcclain is picking out there. >> hekindf explained to me what he was doing.3 and he is light heard aaout it. and having fun with it.3 i want him to have more cares. i want him to have moreplays. team too. to be on the punt you llke gs that want to play. if he wants o campaign for more carries, in trainingcamp it will work ou >> getback whe i was second year more carries. not taki anythingaway from blockiig and forwardg.
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>> acros town, o's began a short stan with the fir of three with the a's. braden and the a'state to a earll lead in the scond inning. watch the pick off. nasty. jones is outat first. jones disee with first base umpire mark karlsson. unpolitely i am sure. da trembley came out to argument but no action there. bradeneft the ame aft four innings because of flu-like symptoms. bottom of the forth. 1-0. rtonngoes to second. pennington first throw is wild. his birthday today. and top of the fifth. gutherie freezes, former oriole
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cusp with astrike or three guthrie allowed onerun. and bottom of the sixth. tied at ooe. wiggton line tore right. sweeney makes the catch. markakis scores up,,has the tag. and take the lead on the sacrifice fly. 3-1. line tore third. guel tajeda lays out to make the cach. not too b for the birthday boy. bottom o the eighth. the solo hoe run.. o's up. d they beat the a's in ame >> matos starts for the orioles in the series tomorrow night. back to you. >> it looks like we willee
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>> fiial look at the seven-day ffrecast. it will be h out there tomorr. around 89 to 91 degrees. see sun and clouds. maybe morninfog but maybe a 93 thursday with another round of ptential showers. friday better hance for ran. about perce chance. 75 deerees. cool down for saturday. look at this. 75 saturday. memoal ddy plenty of sunshine.
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